My rants on fiber arts, my family, school, my cat, and everything inbetween.

My rants on fiber arts, my family, school, my cat, and everything inbetween.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goths are Knitters Too!

(Sorry for the spotty posting.  Please accept a new post every night this week, with my humblest apologies.)

I've become a knitting fool in the past couple of weeks.  I've amassed a huge amount of acrylic yarn from my friends and have bought several books on knitting, including the newest Stitch 'n Bitch book (check it out-the author is fantastic, and the patterns are gorgeous!).  I knit everywhere now.  One of my friends saw me knitting recently, and said something along the lines of she doesn't want to learn how to knit because it's too domestic.  I blinked up at her through my layers of black eyeliner, uncrossed my feet with the studded leather boots, and set down the black yarn.  I was knitting a voodoo doll (pattern here).  Really?  What's domestic about a knitting Goth?

I'm part of the generation of knitters who are determined to inform the world that knitting is no longer something grandmothers do: it's something everyone can do.  It's something everyone can enjoy doing.  On my choice to follow a semi-Goth lifestyle (i.e., I know how to tune it down for the family functions--don't want to shock Grandma too much!), I chose this life because I'm in mourning for this generation, this generation of teenage pregnancy and all-around stupidity.  With knitting, I feel like I'm reshaping the world a bit.  Kinda of a haha!  You idiotic people with your Prada purses, what can you make out of an animal's fur?  Nothing.  I can create beauty.  All you can do is look stupid.

In this vein of antidisestablishmentarianist knitting, I have found an amazing website full of crafting projects for us Goths, punks, and sociopaths.  The aforementioned voodoo doll is from that site.  There's food recipes, knitting patterns, crochet patterns, sewing charts, and all sorts of stuff that say, "Eff you, society!"  It's called the Anti-Craft, which is such a fitting name.  If you feel the need to pick up two pointy (or four pointy!) needles of death and doom, head on over there.  Reclaim knitting for those who can create beauty from almost nothing.  While you're at it, knit a voodoo doll for that jerk of a boss.  It's a healthier way of taking out your feelings than to his face.

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