My rants on fiber arts, my family, school, my cat, and everything inbetween.

My rants on fiber arts, my family, school, my cat, and everything inbetween.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pintester Movement

Welcome, new readers, to my blog!  It’s a bit dusty, but I have plans to renovate it and ramp up the posts.  I figured the Pintester Movement would be a good incentive for me to get writing.  For more information, check out this link!
First off, I’m so jealous of Sonja Foust, the writer of the Pintester blog.  She has my ideal job: crafting, writing, and getting paid to swear.  Really, what better job is there?  After swearing like a sailor all through college, stopping now that I’m back home for the summer is incredibly difficult.  I don’t like it, not one fucking bit.
So today, as part of the Pintester Movement, I will be testing not one, but two whole pins, just for you!  One will be food, and the other will be a craft.  Aren’t you lucky.   I’m jealous for you.
First off, the food.  I was originally going to remake a coffee concoction I had made last week and fake it like it was my first time (yay for hidden meanings).  It was delicious, and I knew I could handle melting chocolate on stove, even though who even has time for that?  When we make chocolate at Christmas, we microwave that shit.  We’ve got it down to a science, bitches.  But then after an early job interview, I decided I needed some Starbucks, which I have been desperately craving.  One fancy coffee is enough for today, this isn’t exam week. So instead, you will get my attempt at lavender lemonade!
I have an intense love affair with lavender.  If I could own a lavender/unicorn farm, I would drop out of college right now.  By a series of random events after getting our hair cut, my mother, little sister, and I found ourselves in the midst of a Lewis and Clark celebration, complete with battle reenactors, time-period appropriate food, and a group of campers, camping as settlers.  We wandered for a bit, our stomachs growling, when we happened upon a tent selling herbs.  I saw lavender and freaked out a bit, as I’ve been searching forever for edible-grade lavender to use in this recipe.  I’m not buying that shit online, I don’t trust you, Chinese whole sellers   As it was my birthday, my mom bought me a butt-load of spices for my new kitchen, including that elusive lavender.
This was the only recipe I found that called for a little lavender, instead of a cup or so.  I’m not wasting my precious purple flower on some Pinterest pin.  Here's the recipe, if you're interested.
The packet of lavender from the celebration.
Gathering the supplies.  I might have bought a few too many lemons.  Oops.
Steeping the lavender (Doesn't that look appetizing?)
Waiting for the lavender to steep, I started writing nonsense on a handy pad of paper.  I'm kind of in love with my cursive.  Yes, I'm a huge fan of Sam.  What can I say, he's everything I'm looking for in a man: troubled, good with a gun, and part demon.
Squeezing the bejesus out of those lemons.
The undiluted lemon/lavender water concoction.
The final product.
Final verdict on the lemonade: not bad.  It's different, and it smells kinda weird  but it's delicious.  The lavender adds just a bit of a kick.  Plus, it wasn't that difficult to make.  I didn't even have to pause Supernatural while making it.
For the crafting side, I present to you these jars.  On one is the Star Trek logo, and on the other is the emblem for the Galactic Empire, from Star Wars.  Yes, I like both.  Don't judge. I carefully cut out stencils that I printed off the interwebs for these bad boys and spray painted them.  Honestly, that logo from the Empire took way longer than it should have, especially when all the detail got lost in the spray painting.
The gathered supplies.
Carefully getting the Federation Emblem in place.
So anxious to get this done, I just kinda slapped that baby on there.  Notice the super attractive locale?  That's the unfinished corner of our basement, where I did the spray painting.  It's the only place in the house I can do crafty stuff like this without admonishment to lay down a ream of protective paper.  One of the downfalls of living with the parents, I suppose.
Now, we wait for the paint to dry!
The final products!
Like an idiot, I spray painted the inside of the Star Trek jar, so it's a little difficult to see the emblem.  However, the light shines through it really well, so instead of using it as a pencil holder, as I originally planned, I might use it as a candle holder.  The other one, well, is a testament to why spray painting fiddly stencils never really works out.  It's not awful, but the lines aren't as crisp as I'd like.
Not a bad day for testing pins, I guess.  Join me for some knitting adventures, which I'll update soon.  Thanks y'all, and may your Tumblr be full of fandom gifs!


  1. The lemonade looks awesome, and your glasses are way cute. :)

  2. You should find somewhere to display them as a set!

  3. I like your vases, I am also a fan of both! And I don't think the Star Wars emblem looks bad at all. I think it looks kind of like a cool graffiti tag :)

  4. I'm more of of a Dean fan myself, less Big Friendly Giant lol. But I like where your head's at!